Teaching Philosophy

My goal as an educator is to have students realize that they are already living philosophically. Philosophy is not just for philosophers–and, consciously or not, everything we do articulates and affirms a particular vision for the world. I organize my classes around questions and issues that encourage students to become more aware of how they live and how they could live differently, more intentionally, etc. Accordingly, my ideal course would focus on the unthought practices of everyday life and how we can unwittingly adopt routines and habits that obscure their meaning. Emphasizing the mundane–and, by doing so, making the banal again into something strange and worthy of study–promotes the critical thinking and questioning that I believe is so necessary today.

Designed Courses


Active Courses and History

Texas A&M University

PHIL 240: "Introduction to Logic"

Teaching Assistant to Dr. Christopher Menzel

Spring 2022. Three labs/sections.

PHIL 111: "Contemporary Moral Issues"

Teaching Assistant to Dr. Martin Peterson

Fall 2022. Three sections.

ENGR/PHIL 482: "Ethics and Engineering"

Instructor of Record

Spring 2021. Syllabus.

Teaching Assistant to Dr. Glen Miller and Dr. Martin Peterson

Fall 2020, Sections 906 and 915. Supplemental Syllabus.

Fall 2018 – Spring 2020

Institut Américain Universitaire

PHIL/POL 312: "Ethics in Society"

Teaching Assistant to David Coombes

Spring 2018

Fall 2017